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Panela Cheese

Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestro Queso) Panela is lower in sodium than many Mexican cheeses which makes it a very healthy alternative.

Queso Panela is served most often as part of an appetizer such as nopal (cactus), or as dessert combining it with guava paste. It will not run when heated and will not lose its shape.

Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestro Queso) Panela recipe is one of the best in its category winning the Silver Medal at the US Championship Cheese Contest and the Bronze Medal at the American Cheese Society competition.

Geographic Denomination: Mexico
Texture: Semi-soft
Flavor: Creamy with Lower Sodium
Shape: Round, Wheel, and Basket.

Applications: Serve crumbled over tacos, tortas, cemitas, huaraches, or any Mexican style dinner. Serve it cubed with fruit or salads.