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    Quesadilla Style cheese is a Mennonite derived recipe creating a mild a “Quesadilla/Chihuahua style” cheese with exceptional melting properties and a smooth creamy flavor. It is the perfect melting cheese for queso fundido and quesadillas and it can also be used for pizza and cheeseburgers or any other dish that requires a melting cheese. Our recipe has won the Gold Medal for Best Hispanic Melting Cheese at the American Cheese Society competition.

    Geographic Denomination: Mexico
    Texture: Easy to melt
    Flavor: Lightly salted
    FORMATs: Square, loaf, shred

    It is the perfect less greasy melting cheese for your queso fundido, quesadillas, burgers or any other dish that requires a melting cheese.

    Product also available in Manchego, Asadero and Menonita.