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    Para freir
    Para freir

    Para Freir (frying) cheese is a firm, mild cheese most commonly used for pan frying, deep frying and grilling. It has long been a staple in the Caribbean and South America where it is appreciated for its ability to fry without any breading. It is a perfect cheese to serve hot because it has the unique characteristic of not melting even when exposed to high heat used in deep fryers. Frying or pan-searing soften the cheese and results in a golden brown crust with a creamy, warm interior while maintaining its shape.

    Geographic Denomination: Caribbean
    Texture: Semi-soft
    Flavor: Lightly salted
    formaTs: Squares, tablets, loafs, fries

    Para Freir makes a great quick and delicious snack, enjoy it grilled, pan-fried or deep fried with salads, fruits, in sandwiches and as appetizers.