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Products – Central American

Central American Products

Product Description: Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestra Queso) Central American creams and cheeses are delicious and will remind you of those that you can find in Central America. Made with rBST free milk. These delicious creams and cheeses go fantastically well with any Central American, Mexican, American or Italian dish. Our delicious creams are available in Salvadoreña, Hondureña, and Guatemalteca.

Geographic Denomination: Central America
Texture: Cheeses: Firm texture – Fine texture when grated. Creams: Creamy.
Flavor: Cheeses: Salty, Mild-flavored, Mild Smoky Taste. Creams: Sour Cream.
Shape: Cheeses – Square, Chunks, Grated. Creams: Tub, White Tub, Jar, White Jar, Bags, and Buckets.

Cheeses: It is easy to crumble, and it is often used for quesadillas, pupusas, and as topping for traditional bean dishes. Adds flavor to appetizers and salads. Just crumbled, or grated over your favorite dish. Works great over mildly flavored pizzas, or tomato-based pastas. Creams: It goes great as a topping for pupusas, grilled corn, sweet plantain, and all kinds of Central American and Mexican dishes.