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    NQ Expands Plant to Increase Capacity and Capability

    September 15, 2017

    Nuestro Queso, the Rosemont, IL-based, award winning manufacturer of the finest Hispanic specialty cheeses, is expanding and improving its manufacturing facility in Kent, IL.

    “Our increased capacity at our plant will allow us to better serve all our co-packing, private label, foodservice and ingredient client needs,” said Mark Braun, CEO of Nuestro Queso. “We are well positioned to become the leader in Hispanic cheese innovation using old world philosophies and new world technologies.”

    Since 2009, Nuestro Queso has injected millions of dollars annually into the local economy though continuous plant improvements, services and sustained job creation. Nuestro Queso’s recent plant expansion includes multi-million dollar equipment and existing facility improvements along with new construction of an integrated warehouse facility. The expansion will increase capacity and significantly enhance overall production capabilities and operating efficiencies. The company is employing local contractors, engineers and architects for the expansion.

    Nuestro Queso implements the highest safe quality food programs in their manufacturing processes. These investments demonstrate the company’s commitment to producing premium dairy products to its customers.

    About Nuestro Queso
    Nuestro Queso, which means “Our Cheese” is an Illinois-based company offering the finest Hispanic style, quality cheeses, creams and drinkable yogurts. All of its products are crafted with care and personal sense of ownership. Since 2011, Nuestro Queso has won 12 medals at the most prestigious cheese competitions in the industry. The Company is recognized for its freshness, quality and great taste. Nuestro Queso is known in the industry as a one-stop shop for manufacturing all of the most popular Mexican, Caribbean and Central American style cheeses. The Company also manufactures numerous well known brands for retailers under a variety of private label and co-packing agreements.

    Branded products are available at all Latino independent grocery stores in the Chicago area, and some throughout the Midwest, NY/NJ area and the South. Visit Nuestro Queso at or Like us at: