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    White Paper on Co-packing

    September 15, 2017

    White Paper on Co-packing

    Nuestro Queso, LLC, a leading Hispanic Dairy Products supplier, has released a white paper responding to a common need of retailers looking to find ideal co-packing partners with dependable products in the Hispanic Dairy Products market, since many of the producers might not guarantee that their products are safe, high quality, dependable, and with a reliable inventory.

    The paper, titled “SIX MARKS OF A GREAT HISPANIC DAIRY PRODUCTS CO-PACKER” and authored by Director of Marketing, Arturo Nava, discusses the top reasons for retailers skepticism, from questions about quality and safety outcomes to concerns about inventory and delivery. Nava suggests that Hispanic co-packers can proactively manage the changes accompanying safety and dependability education to address buyers concerns and set a foundation for success.

    This white paper describes Nuestro Queso’s approach to providing its partner with the framework, support, planning, and technology developments needed to create an exciting, high-quality Hispanic Dairy Product purchase experience when selecting the right co-packer.

    The white paper is available for download at