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    Nuestro Queso pledges rBST-free products

    September 15, 2017

    Daily Herald staff report

    ROSEMONT — Nuestro Queso, a manufacturer of Hispanic specialty cheeses, announced a pledge to use only rBST-free milk in the making of their cheeses, creams and drinkable yogurts.

    The local cheese brand is now working exclusively with dairy farmers that do not use rBST hormones, an artificial growth stimulant for cows.

    “Our decision to use only rBST free milk in our products reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with only the highest quality and freshest cheeses, creams and yogurts,” said Mark Braun, CEO of Nuestro Queso.

    Braun said the decision was made after Nuestro Queso assessed feedback from their loyal Hispanic customers who identified rBST-free milk as one of the biggest preferences among their dairy product selections. rBST, or Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin, is a genetically-engineered artificial growth hormone used to make cows produce more milk. Because rBST can lead to infections in cows, the use of rest often results in an increased use of antibiotics to fight the infection. Therefore, many dairy farms concerned with the quality of their milk have begun eliminating rest in their practices.

    rBST-free milk is considered more pure and natural, since many believe rest and the antibiotics that often accompany it can contaminate the milk. Although the FDA has found no risks associated with REST, many customers are concerned about the long-term health consequences of artificial hormones in dairy products.

    Nuestro Queso has already begun production of products with the rBST-free milk.