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    Hispanic Cheeses Appeal to the General Consumer Market

    September 15, 2017

    Growth of the U.S. Latino population has made Hispanic cheese one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S. dairy industry. These products appeal to Latinos and, increasingly, to the general market.

    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. cheese production is at an all-time high, with growth in Hispanic cheeses outpacing that of the natural cheese category as a whole. With the exception of 2012, Hispanic cheese production has increased every year over the last 10. While processed cheese consumption continues to decline, average consumption of natural cheese stands at more than 33 pounds per person annually and is expected to continue growing.

    Nuestro Queso, which means “Our Cheese”, is among brands that appeal to both Hispanic and Anglos. It manufactures Mexican, Caribbean and Central American style cheeses, creams and drinkable yogurts using milk free of rBST hormones. The six-year-old company also co-packs and develops private label brands for well-known retailers and brands. Nuestro Queso branded products are available in retailers in Chicago, the Midwest, NY/NJ area and the South.

    Nuestro Queso’s products include:

    • Mexican cheeses: Queso Fresco, Queso Oaxaca, Queso Para Fundir (also known as “quesadilla cheese”), Queso Cotija (the Mexican zesty parmesan) and Queso Panela.

    • Caribbean cheeses: Queso Blanco, Para Freir, (known as frying cheese) and Queso Colombiano (often used for Arepas or crumbled over beans).

    • Central American cheeses: Acerrin, Duro Blando, Duro Seco, Fresco Casero, and Centro Americano en Trozos.

    • Sour Creams: Crema Mexicana, Crema Salvadorena, Crema Centro Americana, Crema Hondurena, and Crema Guatemalteca.

    • Drinkable Yogurts: Nuestro Yogurt offers Hispanic drinkable yogurt in 32oz, 7-ounce and 6 packs of 7-ounce bottles in 6 flavors: strawberry, pecan, mango, pina colada, strawberry & banana and peach.

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