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    NQ Celebrates Five Years by Reconnecting With Their Market

    September 15, 2017
    ROSEMONT, IL–(Marketwired – Oct 23, 2014) – Even as they celebrate five years in the Chicago market this year, the Rosemont, IL-based, award-winning, retail cheese producer Nuestro Queso LLC is gearing up new products and programs to connect with their unique, target audience — the Hispanic community. Nuestro Queso products are made with care “by Hispanic workers for Hispanic families.” They include a variety of Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American cheeses, cremas, salsas, and a line of “Nuestro Yogurt” drinkable smoothies, launched in mid-October.

    The Hispanic-style drinkable yogurt will be available in tantalizing flavors such as strawberry, strawberry banana, pina colada, mango, pecan and peach in 7 oz. single serve bottles, 32 oz. family style bottles and six-packs of 7 oz. bottles.

    “Five years ago, the economy was in a slump but we recognized a market for high-quality cheeses in the Hispanic community,” said Arturo Nava, Marketing Director at Nuestro Queso. The company name means “Our Cheese” in Spanish. “The Hispanic culture is prevalent in every Nuestro Queso product, from the work of the Hispanic cheesemakers to the sales and distribution by Hispanic salesmen, managers, and drivers. Our products are produced by Hispanics for Hispanics, so our name is fitting.”

    Since 2011, our cheeses have won 12 medals at the most prestigious cheese competitions in the industry for their freshness, quality, and great taste. Their Queso Oaxaca received the Gold Medal and was declared “Best Hispanic Melting Cheese” at the 2014 American Cheese Society Competition. In 2013, their Queso Fresco received the Gold Medal (Best in Class in the U.S.) from the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in the Queso Fresco category.

    Rolling into their next year, Nuestro Queso’s mission is to engage and embrace the Hispanic community that buys their products. The company plans to increase their presence at Hispanic community events, and increase their support for important Hispanic causes like healthy eating for kids and education. Nuestro Queso’s plans include:

    • Launching “Nuestro Yogurt”, a healthy and delicious drinkable yogurt created especially for Hispanic families.
    • Creating a weekly video series for social media featuring the Latina motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur, Jacquie Camacho, to offer valuable motivation and inspiration to Hispanic moms.
    • Producing a video series featuring noted Chicago Latino chef and restaurateur, Chef Ambrocio Gonzalez, that offers healthy and easy-to-make recipes featuring Nuestro Queso, Nuestra Crema and Nuestro Yogurt products.
    • Holding a “Superhero Latina Mom” contest to coincide with Mother’s Day. The contest will aim to recognize and celebrate Latina Moms in the community that are heroes to their families.
    • Continuing contributions to the “Dr. Angela Perez Scholarship Fund” for Latino high school graduates in Chicago that wish to pursue higher education. The company added a fifth scholarship that was awarded this June in celebration of their anniversary.

    “Moving forward, we’re looking to connect emotionally with the Latina mom wanting fresh, high-quality, and authentic Hispanic dairy products for her family,” Nava said. “We anticipate she and her family will love “Nuestro Yogurt” and everything else we offer in the next five years!”

    Nuestro Queso, which means “Our Cheese,” is an Illinois-based company offering the freshest Hispanic-style, quality cheeses, cremas, and drinkable yogurts, crafted with care by Hispanic workers for Hispanic families. Nuestro Queso’s all-natural cheeses have been awarded “Best in Class” at the most prestigious cheese competitions in the industry. Nuestro Queso products are available at all Latino independent grocery stores in the Chicago area, and some throughout the Midwest, NY/NJ area and the South. Visit Nuestro Queso at or Like us at: