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Products – Oaxaca Shred


Oaxaca Shred

Geographic Denomination: Mexico
Texture: Semi-soft
Flavor: Lighty Salted

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Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka) cheese is Mexico’s most popular cheese because it melts and strings like no other when heated, forming delicious long strings when pulled. Oaxaca is a semi-soft cheese like un-aged Monterey Jack, but a mozzarella-like string cheese texture. It is named after the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, where it was first made.

Queso Oaxaca is best served warm, it maintains enviable melting characteristics, has been chosen by numerous chef’s and is the private label choice for quality conscious retailers. Despite being a wonderful melting cheese Oaxaca hasn’t become as popular as it should be yet because its traditional ball format is unfamiliar and hard to access to mainstream consumers. It has not been available in a convenient shred format that everybody is familiar with and can easily enjoy until recently.

Introducing Queso Oaxaca Shred, a true full fat Oaxaca cheese (not a Mozzarella substitute) now available in a convenient and familiar shred bags.

Our Queso Oaxaca is the best in its category, it has won four industry awards among them the Gold medals for “Best Hispanic Melting Cheese” at the US Championship Cheese Contest and the American Cheese Society for its outstanding quality and taste.


Enjoy Queso Oaxaca shred in quesadillas, enchiladas, queso fundido, pizzas, burgers and for any of your favorite dishes that require a melting cheese.