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Products – Colombiano


Product Description: Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestro Queso) Colombiano is a white cheese that has a creamy, yet slightly crumbly texture.

Similar to other white cheeses, it has a fresh taste due to its high content of moisture, and the fact that it is not aged. Hispanic Cheese Makers (Nuestro Queso) Colombiano is unique because it is creamier than many other white cheeses making it comparable to farmer’s cheeses: soft and easy to handle.

Geographic Denomination: South America and the Caribbean
Texture: Semi-soft
Flavor: Lightly Salted
Shape: Round and Loaf.

Applications: Perfect to use with traditional Colombian recipes, same as Venezuelans and Panamanians. Use them for buñuelos, empanadas, arenas, tortas, sandwiches or crumbled in traditional salads to provide an authentic flavor creamy and unique.